Friday, April 28, 2006

She lies there
On her bed
Wishing he was there
Wishing she no longer felt dead

She gives and loves
Him all the time
But why can’t he answer
The questions that run through her mind?

She longs for his touch
For his sweet embrace
Tears flow from her eyes
Remembering how he kissed her face

All she can think about
Is how perfect she thought it would be
But what she didn’t know
Is what she couldn’t see

She didn’t see how he was with other girls
She didn’t see through his lies
All she saw and felt inside
Was how he gave her soft sex sighs

She feels like she’s lost him
When he doesn’t remember to call
She sits there, with the lights dim
She feels her soul, crash and fall

Some people don’t see though
How much he does care
They just give her grief
With this, she can no longer bear

So she keeps her feelings inside
No longer expressing them with love
She is no longer free
She is no longer the sweet white dove

She doesn’t smile
His digits, no longer on the dial
She waits for someone else
To come and pick up his pile

Of shit he left with her
Not clothes, papers or a note
But the shattered pieces of heart
Which he so often broke

But she doesn’t see
How she deserves so much more
How life without him
Wouldn’t be such a bore

She’s got to be real
He’s got to learn how to deal
That it’s only his loss
He’s missing out, on her love sauce

She’s got so much to give
She’s got the kind of life to live
Others must see
That she’s the queen bee

No one’s stronger
No one’s lasted longer
She’s the one with all the juice
She’s the one who holds the wild deuce

So stop trying to front
Stop trying to play stunts
‘Cuz no one can top
The woman who rolls the blunts

To make it more true
People must see
That their time is due
All she can do is glee

For she knows she hasn’t wasted
Anymore of her precious time
On this boys love
Now it’s just like a sour lime

She no longer has that love thirst
He no longer makes her heart burst
She’s the one causing the pain now
To her, he must bow…


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