Tuesday, April 25, 2006

So, I just got back to my room from my business law class, and our teacher went off on how he had his degree in philosophy and that's about as far as my attention span went on that topic. At the end, he asked the class, for some reason, "what is the definition of a human being?" That definitely grabbed my attention because I love Plato and his ways of thinking and I also enjoy philosophy classes, so of course I reacted.

It's amazing, who would have thought of a question like that? I mean honestly, have YOU ever thought about it? What exactly makes a human being a human being? What characteristics distinguish human beings from other things in our environments? To me, being a human being is more than just having legs and arms and being able to talk. It's the experience of emotions, it's the experience of failure, of success. Being a human being is having the mental capabilities that animals do not have. Being a human being is being able to feel free and to express how you feel when you feel that particular way. It is being able to learn and further more, being able to teach others what you have learned. It is being able to find a connection, most importantly with yourself, but also with others. It is being able to accept others for who they are and what they aspire to be. Being a human being is being able to forgive and forget. A human being is a person who holds all these characteristics and so much more. It is allowing to let yourself be yourself around others and accepting yourself for all that you are. Being a human being is being able to smile, yet allowing yourself to cry. Being a human being has morals and values. A human being is one who can adapt to certain changes, but also being so scared of that change while you're adapting to it! Being a human being is thinking of that one person when you hear that one song, good or bad. Being a human being is having memories and expressing them. It is a person who loves things that others hate, but also find commen grounds to agree with others on. It is being able to smell the fresh rain drops, seeing the lightening and hearing the thunder. It is being able to fall fast asleep, but also stay up all night thinking of what the future might possibly bring. It's one of the greatest blessings.


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