Thursday, April 27, 2006

So, I've been thinking...

The government is established for and by the people, meaning that the government is there to help and benefit everyone. The government should, without a doubt, be involved with regulating big businesses because if the private sectors are in charge and have ‘power’ then they will try to take over the world. They would be nothing but trouble because their only goal of importance would be to gain power and to rule as much as possible and they wouldn’t have concern of the people as a whole. It’s not like the people aren’t having a say in what goes on either, with having the government acting as a partial regulator of big businesses. The PEOPLE elect other people to be involved in the government.
People need to become more understanding of the fact that if the ‘invisible hand’ was in control and that society tended to its needs by itself things would not change! It’s not that the ‘people’ are not capable of controlling what happens in and with society, it’s the question of whether or not they are willing to take on such a responsibility of taking care of society as a whole and themselves alone even. Many people believe that people should tend to themselves and not worry for others, as where others see it best that the government should have some participation of regulating big businesses. Let’s admit, people can’t live in complete chaos and disorder, it is best for them to have some sort of regulation and laws to abide by to live up to their full potentials. “Regulation of business is seen as necessary to the welfare of the public to prevent exploitation by selfish business people. Such a view would be hard to square with reality, with history both recent and distant”


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