Monday, April 24, 2006

Style: Lesson 9

In Lesson 9, Williams discusses the importance of elegance and having it capture your reader. It is almost a necessity in writing to have balanced sentences with stresses at the end, leaving your reader intrigued and wanting to read forward. After reading the first few pages, I learned which words are "heavier" than others and what exatly these particular words do. It was interesting to read that whether you use a "heavy" or "light" word at the end of one of your sentences, it may have different affects on the reader and even on their interpretation of the sentence. I also learned that readers have a harder time reading nominalizations, especially in subjects. Williams followed up with the three devices of elegant stress. I had no idea that one word could drastically change the impact of the sentence on the reader. He also included how the writer can create an elegant sentence ending with stress with four helpful tips.
Later in Lesson 9, he concludes that it is important to have stress, but to be careful when structuring ones sentences. It is important to thoroughly develop your idea, but do so carefully. It doesn't need to be expressed in one run-on sentence. He is by no means don't experiment, but just do so knowing how easily it is to have a run-on or too short of a sentence that has nothing in it.
Elegance is something that all writers can obtain, it's just practice that makes perfect, and it's risking failure, to later down the road, own success. With balance, stress and the simplicity of combining words, one will succeed!


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