Monday, May 01, 2006


She stepped out of the car, one foot at a time. She had just moved to Warrenton, Virginia from Houston, Texas. Everything was different, even the clouds looked weird. The windy brisk air made her even more anxious about starting a new way of life. By now, she had made it to the front doors. She peaked through them and saw nothing by happiness. All the kids meeting up with their friends and the teachers preparing their desks for another exciting year.
Ten minutes passed and she was already in her first class, AP biology; an upper classman course. If she wasn’t already nervous enough, she was sitting next to one of the most popular juniors in the school. The stern teacher asked the first question. She raised her hand and to her astonishment, her answer was wrong. She was so embarrassed! The class ended and a break was already calling her name. She didn’t know what to do, where to go or who to talk to, so she just stood there, hanging up pictures in her locker, her only personal space in the whole school. She kept wondering what the day would bring.
After break, she had her poetry class. She had heard that the teacher was incredibly nice and really knew what she was talking about, so she was looking forward to meeting her and taking her class. She walked in, timid and quiet, but to her amazement, she had a great time, and met some pretty cool people. Unfortunately, it was only a semester class, but she knew it would be fun. Her poetry class was followed by an easy study hall, more of a relaxation time. So, she took it easy and just did some casual reading, one of her favorite Harry Potter Books.
Lunch came and she was astonished by how many people actually went to her new school. Everyone would sit in the hallways, up against their lockers, or some would choose to go to the lunchroom. She felt left out, and she was disappointed because the people that had been so nice to her in her classes would not even recognize the fact that she existed. From then on, she knew it would be a long day, and she was looking forward to going home. Two and a half hours later, her wish was granted and she was home.


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